Prompt-uri folositoare pentru ChatGPT

O colecție de prompt-uri pentru ChatGPT pe care le folosesc des. Nu le-am creat eu, ci sunt luate de pe internet. Lista este actualizată constant.

  1. Can you provide me with some ideas for blog posts about [topic]?
  2. Write a blog post on the [topic]
  3. Generate 5 creative ways to use Instagram Reels for [product or service or company]
  4. Provide a guide on managing finances for a small business, including budgeting, cash flow management, and tax considerations
  5. Generate a creative social media content calendar for the next month for our [company or product] on [topic of choice]
  6. Write a comprehensive guide to [topic]
  7. Create a content calendar with six blog titles, including the keyword [keyword]. Pick suitable publishing dates for each guide spread across May 2023
  8. I need three different headlines for an ad promoting [niche]. Please make sure they grab attention and spark curiosity
  9. Come up with a list of keywords related to [niche] which are easy to rank for a new blog
  10. Help me with a list of blog ideas to write on [keyword] that can rank. They should be either listicles or how to guides
  11. Make a list of keywords and subtopics covered by the top ranking blogs for [keyword]
  12. Give me 10 resources to learn more about [keyword]. Include blogs, reports and whitepapers
  13. Generate a list of engaging topic ideas for the keyword [keyword]
  14. List 20 common ways people refer to a [keyword]

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